We may be a small company but we are able to fix any electrical problem you may have.


We can add the power point or new light that you have always wanted. Maybe you want an air conditioner or fans installed. Maybe you need someone to fix your hotwater or cooking appliance. We can do any electrical work you need!


We are able to meet any electrical needs from strata management to new office builds to a new shop fit. 


With over 15 years looking after large buildings and industrial projects we can easily fix anything you throw at us.


Not all electricians are the same!

Data services

If your having issues with your internet or just want a new data point inside your home or office we can easily fix your problems.

Electrical meters

We now have the ability to install or adjust your switchboards electrical meter requirements but to get the most out of this service please contact us before you do anything.

After hours emergency

We are able to help you in your time of needs regardless of hour as we know not everything happens at the best of times. 


Q: Hotwater not heating, do I call an plumber or electrician

A: A plumber will be needed if you have gas hotwater or if you can see water around the hotwater tank. Otherwise an electrician is needed to either change the hotwater element or chase the electrical fault.


Q; A circuit breaker keeps tripping, what do I do?

A: Unplug everything and try resetting the breaker. If it resets you can plug each appliance in one by one until the circuit trips and that appliance is generally the issue. If it won't reset, you will need to call us or email us if it's not urgent.


 Q: I would like a ceiling fan installed, do get it or do you supply fans? And do i choose AC or DC fans?

A: With fans I generally get the customer to buy them as they really as a personal preference in what you like in your house or office. DC fans are alot better and produce less noise and have more speed controls. The draw back of a dc fan is if you have the light in the fan you can only turn the light on with the remote and not the wall switch. If you have any questions please email me and we can help you choose. 


Q: My oven is not heating, can it be fixed or do i need to buy a new one?

A: First thing to check is if the clock is set as that can stop the oven from heating. If it requires an element in most cases we can find one on the day otherwise we can order one in or find you a new oven as a replacement if you need. We can fix all ovens, cooktops and rangehoods.


Q: Why don't you have many reviews

A: Unfortunately we mainly work directly with other electrical companies and other commercial companies who don't leave reviews and we always look forward to hearing from peoples review if they like to leave them. https://g.page/r/CbANxxKtiYSTEB0/review